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Podcast #3: American Horror Stories 
... and how to (not) make friends in Austria

How hard is it to make friends with Austrians? And what does "roast" mean in standup terminology? We invite Aisleen and Eric from the comedy/improv show "American Horror Stories" to talk about their craft, making local friends in Vienna and the benefit of holding three passports.

What is your best advice how to make local friends?

Podcast #2: A tale of Twin Cities 
Expectations versus reality in Austria

Marijana from Slovakia disembarked in Vienna to work as an architect. Did her initial concepts about Austria match the reality on the ground? We sit down and sketch out Vienna's conveniences, positive/negative surprise moments, key Austro-Slovak differences and how to avoid wild bears in the Carpathians.

What did you get right or wrong about Austria originally?

Podcast #1: Lost in Trainslation 
Tracking down Austria's travel secrets

The first episode of our new podcast is out! Get on board and listen to Eleanor's experience traveling in Austria (recorded live at the super busy International Night), geek out on local migration stats and slash you train fares in half with a railway hack that's hardly publicized these days.

Also, what's your most/least favorite dishes of Austrian cuisine? Our upcoming food-themed episode is still hungry for feedback. Click the link below to share your culinary comments and take the chance to win a prize.

New podcast calling for ... 
Memorable travel moments in Austria

Want to be part of our brand new community podcast for Internationals in Austria? We can't wait to hear your story, literally. Go ahead and submit your most memorable travel moments in Austria as audio feedback before August 15th.

The best submissions will be featured in our upcoming podcast episode.

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